Air Filter Unit

Medical Innovations CODE: AFU-01-00-00
The air filtration unit offers required air changes in rooms of various sizes by:
  • Adjusting the airflow speed
  • Being easily maneuverable while keeping noise levels as low as possible
  • Function

    The air filtration unit is designed to clean air in any environment where multiple people need to work in an enclosed environment. The main application is in ICUs to supplement air changes and filtration.

  • Cleaning

    Clean with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine-based chemical.

  • Department


Features and Benefits

  • Coverage
    Designed to cover an area of 32㎡ at six air changes per hour.

  • Outlets
    Air inlet at the bottom, with primary – and HEPA filters in-line. The outlet allows three directions (180° cover) at 4 m “throw”. Adjustable outlets to direct air horizontally.

  • HEPA Filter
    Access points for measuring pressure drop over HEPA filter (measures effectiveness).

  • Discrete
    Low noise levels.

Easy to relocate with minimal interference.


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