L Series Surgical Light

Amtai PC-L-E00

The L-Series Surgical Light allows surgeons to comfortably focus on deliver the best outcome for the patient without needing to make tedious adjustments by providing:

  • effortless operation
  • optimum lighting
  • The benefit of being used in an Operating or Emergency Room with air-conditioning capable of setting the room temperature below 25˚C or 77˚F.
  • Function

    The system can be installed on the ceiling of an operating room or an emergency operating room with air conditioning and room temperature below 250C (770F), and is intended for use in the intraoperative illumination of major surgery, emergency surgery, or therapy.

  • Dimensions

    Technical data available on request.

  • Cleaning

    Clean with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine-based chemical.

  • Department

    Operating Room/Emergency Room

Technical Info


The following features of the suspension system for L Series provide the optimal configuration flexibility to meet the need of most modern surgeries:

– Select from 1 to 4 extension arms with spring arms Select up to 3 light heads
– Select up to 2 LCDs
– Both the extension and spring arms can rotate 3600 regardless of whether the light head is camera-ready or not
– Both the extension and spring arms of LCD monitor can rotate up to 3300


– Optimum lighting reduce visual disturbance and eye fatigue
– Natural colour rendering to work out the best outcome for the patient
– Continuous deep cavity illumination reduces the need to move surgical lights during deep cavity surgery, allowing the surgeon to focus without the need to adjust lighting parameters
– With the continuous illumination column, surgeons can focus on performing the surgery without re-adjusting the light
– The glare-free secondary optics design assist the surgeon to easily focus on performing the surgery
– For surgical procedures requiring more space between the light head and surgical field, the Automatic Intensity Compensation function provides enhanced light intensity
– Can easily be cleaned and disinfected due to smooth and sleek surface design
– Focused ambient illumination provides plenty of light to the anaesthetist to observe the patient, ideal for endoscopy surgery
– Automatic energy saving mode contributes to saving energy and prevents the surgeon from sweating


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