Bedpan Washer

Lischka CODE: CDD-00-60-00

Our innovative Geysir Bedpan washer operates on a high technical level with perfect functionality.

Our devices uphold:

  • A long life cycle
  • Low energy and water consumption.
  • The highest hygiene standards (In addition to the necessary standard certifications, our devices also hold certifications against Covid-19 and Clostridium difficile.)
  • Function

    A fully programmable, electrically powered device manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel with a built-in boiler that will attain a temperature of 930C.
    Able to accommodate stainless steel or polypropylene bedpans, urinals, commode buckets, bowls and kidney dishes.
    A separate wire shelf would be required for the last three items.

  • Dimensions

    H 900 mm x W 900 mm x D 560 mm
    CODE: CDD-00-1090

    H 1775 mm x W 500 mm x D 450 mm
    CODE: CDD-00-1050

    H 900 mm x W 600 mm x D 560 mm
    CODE: CDD-00-60-00

  • Equipment

    The electrical supply 220V to run this unit is 3-phase neutral and earth. Plumbing would be main water into the system and or piping from the ceiling-mounted geyser. The waste pipe needs to be 110 mm in diameter.

  • Cleaning

    Clean with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine-based chemical.

  • Department


Features and Benefits

  • Water Control
    Thermostatically controlled with a cycle time of of 8 minutes. Accepts warm or cold water in the reservoir tank (will speed up the process using ‘geyser’ temperature water when starting up).

  • Process Indication
    Audible indication of programme completion.

  • Thorough Cleaning
    High-pressure steam injection ensures thorough washing/disinfection process. Internal chamber design prevents possible bacteria build-up.

  • Pre-Use
    Ensure that all items have been rinsed off in the sluice prior to being put into the washer to prevent blocked drains.

  • Ideal Height
    Practical working height for the operator.

  • Recommended Item Placement
    Combination of items to be placed in the basket could be 2 x bedpans or 2 x urinals or 1 x bedpan and 1 x urinal.

Our most compact, space-saving device with a surprisingly large washing chamber.


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