Surgical Clipper

ME Medical SC001


The world’s first surgical clipper with a twistable shaving head.


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  • Function

    Twistable head: safe operation of the clippers in hard-to-reach areas of the body. The right blade for the right type of clipping: Universal blade and a neuro blade / Non-slip grip – no risk of injury from slipping / Easy to use: insert and eject the disposable clipper blade / Easy to clean and disinfect /

  • Cleaning

    To be cleaned with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine-based chemical.

  • Department

    Wards/Theatre Complex

Features and Benefits

  • Safety
    Minimal risk of micro-injuries, infection, skin irritations. Safe removal of body hair without cuts and skin lesions.

  • Quick and Simple
    A clean and clear incision site, facilitating adhesion of dressings to the body. Quick and simple procedure, particularly for children.

  • Efficient Skin Preparation
    For surgery: time-saving, quick and easy. Efficient body hair removal in both wet and dry surfaces. Better adhesion of wound dressing materials.

  • High-quality Technology
    The right blade for the right type of clipping: a universal blade and a neuro blade for thorough shaving. A high battery performance and short charging time with a low noise level.

Non-slip grip: no risk of injury from slipping.


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