Surgical Clipper Blades

ME Medical RT-SC003


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  • Function

    Designed for coarse or dense hair in areas such us scalp or chest

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  • Department

    Ward & Theatre

Features and Benefits

  • Safe to use
    The guide strip to the skin-side of the single blade ensure a smooth sliding on the skin

  • Protection against cuts
    The design of the disposable blade prevents contact of the blade with the skin. This avoids painful cuts and skin lesions

  • Twistable shaving head
    The shaving head can be turned at a 45 degree angle to the left and to the right, this allows safe operation of the clippers in difficult areas of the body (i.e. in the genital area)

  • Easy insertion and ejection of blade
    The single blade can easily be inserted with two fingers on the shaving head.
    Easy ejection of the disposable blade with a push of the thumb.

designed for coarse or dense hair in areas such as scalp or chest


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