Recovery Pedestal

Medical Innovations CODE: 63-01
A bed-docking station with two individual fibreglass shells.
  • Function

    Allows nursing staff and specialists to administer patients from the patient bed head, without any obstructions. Also for the housing of the patient haemodynamic monitoring modules. Nursing management has unobstructed access to the patient. No cluttering of wires and pipes. Easy to clean. Easy access for technical staff. All gas outlets are fitted with built-in non-return valves, which allows for uninterrupted maintenance. Services are brought to the pedestals via subsurface trunking or by core drilling.

  • Additional Services

    6 off 4 x 4 UPS double pole switch sockets. 2 off 4 x 4 standby switch sockets. 2 off 2 x 4 blank covers (could be used for cardiac arrest/emergency call). 3 off oxygen outlets. 2 off medical air outlets (LP). 3 off vacuum outlets. 1 off utility basket (optional). Patient monitor bracket.

  • Cleaning

    To be cleaned with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine-based chemical.

  • Department

    Operating Theatre – Recovery Area


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