Q11 Emergency Cart

Medical Innovations CODE: REF.03A
Q11 emergency cart with lockable roll front, 4 x 100 mm castors including the following recommended components:
  • 1 x AD1 drawer, 2 x AD2 drawers, 1 x AD3 drawer, 1 x protective top
  • 12 x large sub-containers
  • 6 x medium sub-containers
  • 4 x small sub-containers
  • 24 x divider sub-containers
  • 1 x oxygen bottle holder
  • 1 x CPR board
  • Function

    Used specifically in emergency situations and is designed to contain stock, medication and equipment required for resuscitating a patient. The trolley is clearly marked with RED tape and has sufficient space for positioning the defibrillator.

  • Dimensions

    H 860 mm x W 610 mm x D 610 mm

  • Cleaning

    To be cleaned with a disinfectant agent, NOT a chlorine-based chemical.

  • Department

    ER, Trauma Unit

Features and Benefits

  • Additional Storage
    Mobile storage (where storerooms are not available).

  • Ease of Access
    Can be pushed wherever it is required.

  • Security
    Lockable full roller doors.

Sufficient space for all requirements. Strong, yet light enough for fast movement.

Technical Info

Cold Light Source
Fibre Optic Bronchoscope
Channel Cleaning Brush
Laryngoscope Handle
Laryngoscope Blades No. 1
Laryngoscope Blades No. 2
Laryngoscope Blades No. 3
Laryngoscope Blades No. 4
Laryngoscope Blades Miller No. 2
Xylocaine Spray with Nozzle
Forceps Artery Crile Straight 15 cm
Forceps Introducing McGills
Adult 20 cm
Primapore Small
Silk Tape Small
Transpore Small • Syringe 20 cc
Syringe 5 cc
Syringe 2 cc
Needles 23 g Pink x 4
Remicaine Jelly Tube x 1
KY Jelly Tube x 1
Bite Block Blachey x 1
Bite Block Santek x 5
Bite Block Rubber x 1
Tube Aspiration Luki
Crico-Cricothyroidoctomy Kit
Anaesthesia Kit
Introducer Stylet
Introducer Stylet Extra Long
Introducer Stylet Paediatric
Introducer Stylet Rüsh
Stylet Satin Slip x 2
Airway Nasopharyngeal Size 6.0
Airway Nasopharyngeal Size 7.0
Airway LMA Fasträch Size 3
Airway LMA Fasträch Size 4
Airway LMA Fasträch Size 5
Stabiliser Fasrträch x1
Laryngeal Mask Size 2
Laryngeal Mask Size 21⁄2
Laryngeal Mask Size 3
Laryngeal Mask Size 4
Laryngeal Mask Size 5
Laryngoscope McCoy
Blade No. 1
Blade No. 2
Blade No. 3
Blade No. 4


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